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Montreal based Artist

Graduate from Recording Arts Canada

My name is Émilien Bombardier, a.k.a. Bomber on the Beat, and I'm a Montreal based artist who graduated from Recording Arts Canada in 2020. I studied music production, live sound and post-production.
I have already published some songs available on all platforms and videos on my YouTube channel if you want to discover them! Click here to access my Linktree.

I am a proud Canadian who grew up in the Eastern Townships, part of the province of Quebec. My first language is French, but I am also fluent in English. From a young age, I have always loved movies, cartoons, comedy, books and storytelling in general. I am also a great music lover, always aware of new trends, but also of old ones. My favorite genres are Rock n Roll, Reggae, Pop, Hip-hop and Electronic music.

I am currently working at Recording Arts Canada as an admissions counsellor and I create my projects in my free time. My goal in life is to have a successful career as an independent artist or as a producer, in which I can express myself artistically and show my universe to my fans. I would also like to collaborate with other artists and build something special with them! 

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During my personal journey and my studies, I learned to manipulate different software. On my end, I use Logic Pro X, Ableton and ProTools to produce songs.


When I edit my videoclips, I use the software called Premiere. I also use the Adobe Suite to create my own illustrations and artworks.

The concert and festival world always amazed me. I am a versatile DJ who likes to mix Hip-Hop and Reggae music, but mostly Electronic music genres such as House, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Psy Trans and Trap music. I use Serato, Traktor and I can perform with CDJ's as well. 


Writing and singing have always been an important part of my life. I studied French literature in college, so I like to write stories or song lyrics, and I've always liked to rap in English because of my musical tastes. I usually like to write about my own life or things I see on a daily basis, but sometimes I write about more philosophical or poetic subjects. In general, I record myself in home studios, but I also have experience in professional recording studios, mostly because of my studies at Recording Arts Canada.

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